Raccoon River Retreats

We are thrilled to announce that this year’s couples expedition includes an option to reserve our Airbnb (link), which is conveniently placed at the conclusion of your river experience and offers a hot tub for an ideal romantic getaway.

If you are thinking of organizing a romantic trip, a gathering of relatives, a corporate event or simply looking to enjoy yourself, give us a call to arrange an exciting day.

Although you are welcome to rent the boats from us and use them elsewhere, Raccoon River Retreats provides limited canoe and kayak rentals on the Middle Raccoon River between Panora and Redfield, iowa. Des Moines, Iowa is only 35 miles away, so pack up the car and head on over. 

The Middle Raccoon River in Iowa is an excellent spot for picnicking, swimming, fishing, and playing various sports such as frisbee and volleyball. Make sure to bring extra equipment without hesitation.